Becoming a member at Castlemilk Credit Union is quick and easy. When you join you become part of community driven organisation dedicated to assisting local members financially, as well as having access to saving accounts and low rate loans.


To join Castlemilk Credit Union you must;


-Be 18 years or over

-Complete the membership application form

-Pay a £5 entrance fee and deposit a minimum of £5 into your account.

-Live or work in the G postcode area


Juveniles can also join providing we have parental consent or guardian consent along with a copy of the birth certificate. No fees apply currently.

Life Savings Insurance


Your credit union provides savings insurance benefit at no direct cost to the member. For each £1 of savings held in the credit union at date of death, £1 of insurance is earned.

  • Age 6months – 64
  • % of Saving Balance 100%
  • Maximum Benefit £1,000


Loan Protection Insurance


Your credit union loans are also insured at no direct cost to the member. The majority of loans are completely cleared in the event of a members death.

  • Age 18years – 75years
  • Loan Term Limit 10years
  • Maximum Benefit £10,000

Castlemilk Credit Union and its members are bound by credit union rules. As a member of the credit union you are expected to abide by the rules. A copy of the rules is available from the credit union on request.


Key points regarding your membership contained within these rules are:


  • By joining the credit union you are agreeing with its social goals.
  • You must retain a minimum balance of £1 to remain a member of the credit union.
  • As a condition of membership you must save regularly with the credit union to a maximum amount of £5,000.
  • You have access to your savings at any time by means provided by the credit union; unless your savings are attached to a loan according to any loan agreement you have signed.
  • You agree to pay back any loan you have according to the signed agreement.
  • You may withdraw your membership at any time in accordance with the rules.

Member of Scottish League of Credit Unions

Authorised and regulated by

Regulated by

Your money is protected up to £85,000