Castlemilk Credit Union

Castlemilk Credit Union Ltd is a member owned, community based financial co-operative, offering services to its members on a not for profit making basis. Our values are founded in the co-operative philosophy of equality, equity and mutual self-help.

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Why Choose Us?

Life Savings & Loan Protection

Insurance protection giving extra peace of mind for members and their families.

Life Savings Insurance

Your credit union provides savings insurance benefit at no direct cost to the member. For each £1 of savings held in the credit union * at date of death, £1 of insurance is earned *

  • Age 6months - 64
  • % of Saving Balance 100%
  • Maximum Benefit £5000

Loan Protection Insurance

Your credit union loans are also insured at no direct cost to the member. The majority of loans are completely cleared in the event of a members death*

  • Age 18years – 75years
  • Loan Term Limit 10years
  • Maximum Benefit £5000

*Subject to terms and conditions. Certain restrictions apply based on age and cover limits. We have limits and restrictions which may vary over time.

Can I Join?

Common Bond

Anyone living or working in the G postcode area can become a member of Castlemilk Credit Union

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Can I Join?


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